Private Lessons

I have been teaching private piano lessons since 2013 and private voice lessons since 2019. I believe in a holistic approach to music lessons which includes aural skills, theory, creativity, and music appreciation in addition to technique.

A student (far right) receives a private voice lesson – 2019

My undergraduate degree included several courses in pedagogy and methods of music teaching, making me exceptionally well-qualified to teach private lessons. Many people with degrees in piano or vocal performance know their craft very well, but have little ability to effectively share their knowledge with others. I believe that being trained as a teacher is as essential in the private studio as it is in the classroom.

While living in Utah, I taught at Key Lime Piano Studio in Lehi, focusing on music theory and ear training. Student scores on the Achievement In Music (AIM) theory and ear training tests improved by an average of 10% in the year after I joined Key Lime. More information about the studio can be found here.

Sarah Earl

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